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Since the late 80s, we've been passionate about MTB riding. With the advancements of the gear available and the quality riding in the UK and beyond, we are still avid riders. 

The introduction of dropper posts and affordable LED lights opened up new possibilities for winter riding on challenging singletrack trails. However, we encountered a major drawback: the lack of suitable rear mudguards.

Back then, existing options would snag on the tire or your shorts and break easily. So we had to forgo mudguards and endure the consequences—muddy clothes, damage to our equipment, and chilly outdoor post-ride socializing at our favorite pub.



By the end of the wettest UK summer on record (2012) we were totally fed up with coming home covered in mud.

With some pop rivets, bits of aluminium and an old mudguard we made the first Mudhugger for ourselves! After the first couple of rides we realised that we had come up with something good and decided to have a go at making and selling them ourselves.

7 years and thousands of muddy miles later we now have the complete solution for wet weather riding for all your 26er, 650B, 29er, Gravelbike and Fatbike needs.

We love mountain biking and we really hope you’ll love our Mudhugger mudguards too.



Over the last few years we have developed our Mudhugger ambassador program into a worldwide community. We regularly share fantastic photo’s and videos from a wide variety of riders. These include some of the worlds fastest Downhill and Enduro racers, national and local racers and those riders, just like us, who love to get out and ride their bikes no matter what the weather does.



We are stoked to announce the release of Mudhugger in New Zealand! Based in the Hawke's Bay we hold stock to supply our customers and selected retailers. For more information reach out on the contact page.

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